Dalmatian - The Man I Opposed

me :)

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            its my

coffee-flavoured life.


 me, myself and i 

Saeki or Kii, Froy, Faye - whatever you wanna call~

my surname is probably one of the longest surnames in the world


currently studying in Mahidol University International College. Computer Engineering Major.

i'm not girly AT ALL, just so you know.


macbook - keitacchi

 ipod classic - vincent 

 external hd - elliott

thumbdrive - ochibi

sketchbook - haydne

spazz book - adwin

htc aria - aki

wacom bamboo fun - haru 

and yes, i usually name most of my belongings lol



true facts

i am truly a j and k lover.

w-inds. ; lead; ss501; b2st; ftisland; oneday; cnblue; a'st1; dalmatian.

love my keitacchi(macbook) and photoshop and n'vincent(ipod classic) to death.

having an artistic mind.

realistic but dreamy in times.

love every possible colours except sugary!pink. blue, green, orange gets special love.

having a straight face most of the time but sometimes are outright blunt and cracked up pretty easily.

no such word as hierarchy in my dictionary.


my life was known to be resurrected by this guy called 'Keita Tachibana'. to my own fascination, i changed tremendously from childhood to who i am now. i'm a whole lot more mature. don't mess with me because i won't even care. i may seem to be more reasonable than how i look. i'm nice, actually. LOLL just ask anyone kekeke~

' xD ' is my signature emoticon. you'll probably see this in almost every sentences i type anywhere.



likes and dislikes

loves coffee and coffee world's iced chocolate




books/comics/manga (preferably mystery, triller, and anything that is not romance/teenager novel)



sneakers/sport shoes

sports (basketball, badminton, soccer ... anything except swimming)



not in good term with pink.

dislike any kind of girly clothes (its true!)

dislike any kind of irrational/unreasonable thinking.



my edit starring: Dalmatian's Youngwon :)